Making an impact in our rural community, one “bootstep” at a time.

We want to be a catalyst for those who are working hard, and remove some of the barriers that keep them from their work.

Over the last eight years with CatSpring Yaupon, we’ve seen firsthand the challenges that individuals in our rural community have to overcome to work for us. 

John (name changed) who has been with us for a year and a half, works hard in the fields every day.  He makes a living wage (double minimum wage, by the way) with CatSpring but every paycheck he is struggling to pay utilities, his children’s health needs, and the other surprise costs of life. 

As a result – he shows up every day to work in well worn tennis shoes. 

Spend any time in the country and in the fields, and you know how important a good pair of work boots and work pants are. John will never have the $100 necessary to buy these, instead buying the $20 pair from Walmart which need to be replaced every few months. 

This is not a unique problem to us – check out Terry Pratchett’s boot theory! 

CatSpring Ag Works Founders.

We all know the deck is stacked against individuals who are trying to work their way out of generational poverty.  Outside support IS needed, but not by financially incentivizing our workers to stay home. 

We want to be a catalyst for those who are working hard, and remove some of these barriers. While there are many areas that need help, we’re starting with what we see every day.  The need for some good work boots!! 

We’re launching the CatSpring Ag Works, an independent 501(c)(3) in our rural community. And our first project is a BOOT BANK

We’re starting with 40 pairs of work boots for harvest employees and other agricultural workers in our community. Then work wear. Then we’ll see where else we can be a catalyst for our rural workforce.